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class  AbuseAddiesCache
 Abstract class (to be implemented by clients), meant to return a list of abuse contacts when a domain or a host address or a hostname is given. More...
struct  error_Cnts
 Error counters in the abuse address extraction process. More...
struct  AbuseDesks
 Contains data about a list of abuse contacts relative to an url extracted from a received line of an e-mail. More...
class  AnalyzerFeedback
 virtual class to handle analyzer feedbacks More...
class  Analyzer
 The main engine of Abuse: the e-mail headers scanner. More...


enum  EmailTrust {
  NONE = 0, NOINFO = 30, UNVERIFIED = 40, NONABUSE = 60,
  ABUSENET = 80, CACHE = 90, TOTALLY = 100
 Level of confidence of an email address. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum EmailTrust

Level of confidence of an email address.

NONE  Not trustable at all.
NOINFO  There are no info about this address.
UNVERIFIED  The address ain't verified.
NONABUSE  The address is not originated by a query to
ABUSENET  The address comes from a query to
CACHE  The address comes from a query to an AbuseAddiesCache
See also:
TOTALLY  The address is fully trustable.

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