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Dnsbl Class Reference

#include <Dnsbl.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Dnsbl (const std::string &zone, Result ifListed, const std::string &desc="")
 Dnsbl (const std::string &zone, const std::map< Url, Result > &results, const std::string &desc="")
virtual ~Dnsbl ()
void setCache (DnsblCache *cache)
const DnsblCachegetCache () const
Result check (const Url &url, std::string *comments=NULL) const throw (net_error)
const std::string & name () const
std::map< Url, ResultgetResults () const
const std::string & getDescription () const
void setDescription (const std::string &desc)
void addResult (const Url &url, Result res)
void addResults (const std::map< Url, Result > &results)
void clearResults ()

Static Public Attributes

static const Url ANY = Url("")

Private Types

typedef std::map< Url, ResultResultMap

Private Attributes

std::string m_zone
std::string m_description
ResultMap m_results
CriticalSection m_section
RefCounted< DnsblCachem_cache

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<Url,Result> Dnsbl::ResultMap [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Dnsbl::Dnsbl const std::string &  zone,
Result  ifListed,
const std::string &  desc = ""

Dnsbl::Dnsbl const std::string &  zone,
const std::map< Url, Result > &  results,
const std::string &  desc = ""

Dnsbl::~Dnsbl  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Dnsbl::addResult const Url url,
Result  res

void Dnsbl::addResults const std::map< Url, Result > &  results  ) 

Result Dnsbl::check const Url url,
std::string *  comments = NULL
const throw (net_error)

void Dnsbl::clearResults  ) 

const DnsblCache * Dnsbl::getCache  )  const

const string & Dnsbl::getDescription  )  const

std::map< Url, Result > Dnsbl::getResults  )  const

const string & Dnsbl::name  )  const

void Dnsbl::setCache DnsblCache cache  ) 

void Dnsbl::setDescription const std::string &  desc  ) 

Member Data Documentation

const Url Dnsbl::ANY = Url("") [static]

RefCounted<DnsblCache> Dnsbl::m_cache [mutable, private]

std::string Dnsbl::m_description [private]

ResultMap Dnsbl::m_results [private]

CriticalSection Dnsbl::m_section [mutable, private]

std::string Dnsbl::m_zone [private]

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