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AuthSmtp Class Reference

Implement the auth smtp protocol with a smtp server. More...

#include <AuthSmtp.h>

Inheritance diagram for AuthSmtp:

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Public Member Functions

 AuthSmtp (const char *username, const char *password, VirtStream &hOut, const std::string &logfile="")
virtual ~AuthSmtp ()
virtual void helo (const std::string &helostr="") throw (smtp_error)
 Send the helo command.

Private Attributes

char * m_password
std::string m_username

Detailed Description

Implement the auth smtp protocol with a smtp server.

This class is not designed to be safe: the passwords can stay in RAM (or in the swap file) in clear text

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AuthSmtp::AuthSmtp const char *  username,
const char *  password,
VirtStream hOut,
const std::string &  logfile = ""


[in] username is a pointer to the username to be used when login
[in] password is the password of the account
[in] hOut is the output stream to be used for log
[in] logfile is the filename of the logfile, or an empty string (default) if no logfile is to be produced

AuthSmtp::~AuthSmtp  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void AuthSmtp::helo const std::string &  helostr = ""  )  throw (smtp_error) [virtual]

Send the helo command.

[in] helostr is the hostname to be used in the EHLO command. If it's an empty string, the computer's name will be used

Reimplemented from Smtp.

Member Data Documentation

char* AuthSmtp::m_password [private]

For internal use only.

std::string AuthSmtp::m_username [private]

For internal use only.

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