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abuse.h File Reference

#include <string>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <abuse/platform.h>
#include <abuse/nomem_error.h>

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typedef unsigned char byte
 simple typedef for byte type


__inline int roundup (int what, int to)
 Rounds what up to to.
HMODULE getResourceModuleHandle ()
 Function to be implemented by Netlib clients.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char byte

simple typedef for byte type

Function Documentation

HMODULE getResourceModuleHandle  ) 

Function to be implemented by Netlib clients.

This function is not implemented by Netlib library, but must be exported by any client using the library. It must return an handle to the resources of the client of the library.

If the client fails to implement this function, the linker will die with "unknown reference" kind of error.

__inline int roundup int  what,
int  to

Rounds what up to to.

simple inline function that rounds a number to the upper nearest multiple of another

  • what : the number to be round
  • to: the base
    : returns (what+to-1) mod to

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