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Dns.h File Reference

#include <abuse/abuse.h>
#include <abuse/Url.h>
#include <string>
#include <abuse/net_error.h>
#include <list>

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namespace  Dns


Url Dns::resolveIP (const Url &what, const std::string &s="") throw (net_error)
Url Dns::resolve (const Url &url) throw (net_error)
std::string Dns::comments (const std::string &what, const std::string &where) throw (net_error)
std::string Dns::hostinfo (const std::string &what, const std::string &where) throw (net_error)
std::list< UrlDns::resolveDNS (const Url &url) throw (net_error)
std::list< UrlDns::resolveMX (const Url &url) throw (net_error)
Url Dns::checkDNSBL (const Url &what, const std::string &dnsblname, std::string *comments=NULL) throw (net_error)

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