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MsXml.h File Reference

#import <msxml.dll>

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namespace  MSXML


typedef IXMLDOMDocumentPtr DocumentPtr
typedef IXMLDOMNamedNodeMapPtr AttrMapPtr
typedef IXMLDOMElementPtr ElementPtr
typedef IXMLDOMAttributePtr AttrPtr
typedef IXMLDOMProcessingInstructionPtr InstructionPtr
typedef IXMLDOMCommentPtr CommentPtr
typedef IXMLDOMNodeListPtr NodeListPtr
typedef IXMLDOMTextPtr TextNodePtr

Typedef Documentation

typedef IXMLDOMNamedNodeMapPtr AttrMapPtr

typedef IXMLDOMAttributePtr AttrPtr

typedef IXMLDOMCommentPtr CommentPtr

typedef IXMLDOMDocumentPtr DocumentPtr

typedef IXMLDOMElementPtr ElementPtr

typedef IXMLDOMProcessingInstructionPtr InstructionPtr

typedef IXMLDOMNodeListPtr NodeListPtr

typedef IXMLDOMTextPtr TextNodePtr

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